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Controlling the top banner


You have probably noticed already that the Newstream  template has  a floating navigation bar that is able to be  positioned above  the banner module position.

There is a setting that controls this in the template's administrator settings and effectively allows you to control whether the navigation area and the logo is positioned either relatively or absolutely.


The screenshot below shows the setting that controls this.


Relative Positioning

If the setting is set to relative then the navigation strip will not float above the banner module position, rather it will sit at the very top of the page and the page titles will also sit beneath the banner module area.


Absolute Positioning

However if the same setting is set to absolute then the navigation strip will sit above any module that is published to the banner position. You can see the differences in the settings via the screenshots below.



The images that are positioned in the banner module i.e. underneath the navigation bar, are just images  inserted into a custom HTML module. You control when these modules appear on the page as you would with any other to module, but you need to be sure that you cater for the Joomla  menu item ID issue.

To make sure that the module appears where you want you need to make sure that there is a menu item that points to either the blog category that you are displaying all the component that you are displaying.  


As an example if you  wanted to have the backdrop  image appear on the search page but you do not have a menu item that points to the search component then it is highly likely that the image will not appear. To ensure that it does appear when the user uses the search module, you need to make sure that there is a menu item that points to the search component within your menu structure. It is important to note that this menu item does not necessarily have to be displayed on the page.


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