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Tabbed Modules


The tabs and their triggers appear  on the page when you publish any module to the Tab1, Tab2, Tab3 or Tab4 position.



The text for the triggers are controlled by our the template administrator  as per the screenshot below. The these settings can be found in the news stream template parameters under the extra scripts and performance >  hidden panel settings.

 Please note in the next major release of the Zen grid framework tabs and slides will be a core feature of the  Zen Grid Joomla template framework.


The demo site for the Newstream template showcases four instances of the JB micro blog module which is referencing K2 content items according to a few different search /filter  settings.

The tab modules are contained within a template override which can be found in the file called grid1.php. This file is located in the templates > Newstream > layout  folder in your Joomla site.  The JavaScript that controls the tabs action can be found in the templates > Newstream > includes > template.js  file.


Please note: The tab  modules have replaced the grid1 module position in this template.

In order to disable the tabbed modules all you need to do is either unpublished all modules that may be published to the tab1, tab2, tab3 or tab4  module positions  war if you would prefer to reinstate the grid1 module position then all you need to do is disable the template override which can be found in the new stream template parameters under the layout >  overrides menu tab.  

If you do this then the layout override will no longer be referenced and the core grid1 to grid4 module positions will be available on the site.


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