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Zen Grid Framework


This template is built on the Zen Grid Framework which makes changing, updating and editing the template incredibly easy. If you would like to learn more about the Zen Grid Framework take a look at the Zen Grid feature item on the Joomla Bamboo Site, or take a look through the Zen Grid framework knowledgebase.

For specific instructions on how best to implement the Newstream template please refer to the Newstream documentation on the Joomla Bamboo site. The Newstream documentation highlights a few small changes to the way that the template is implemented within the framework and it also highlights the module settings required for some of the modules you see here on the demo site so its recommended that you look over that article as well as the core Zen Grid Framework documentation.

The new stream template uses version 1.05 of the Zen Grid framework which includes a number of feature updates. The framework now uses Google fonts to render your logo, your headings, your body font, or your navigation font using any of the fonts available in the Google font directory. This is a cross browser former font replacement that is incredibly easy-to-use and adds dynamic styling ability to your website.

 Please view the Zen Grid  framework documentation for more information of what this update includes.


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